The Euro switched to Jackson Hole

If the minutes of the July meeting of the ECB scared the bulls for the euro, then it was only for a little while. The European Central Bank expressed its concern about the future strengthening of the exchange rate, saying that the current EUR/USD movem... [...]

Technical analysis of USD/JPY for August 18, 2017

USD/JPY is under pressure and expected to trade with bearish outlook. The pair remains in consolidation, and the nearest resistance at 109.25 maintains the strong selling pressure on the prices. Furthermore, the relative strength index is mixed to bear... [...]

Technical analysis of USD/CHF for August 18, 2017

USD/CHF is expected to continue the downside movement. The pair is trading below its declining 20-period and 50-period moving averages, which play resistance roles and maintain the downside bias. The relative strength index is bearish below its neutral... [...]

Technical analysis of GBP/JPY for August 18, 2017

All our targets which we predicted yesterday were met. GBP/JPY is still under pressure and expected to continue the downside movement. The pair remains weak below its falling 20-period and 50-period moving averages, and is expected to post further down... [...]

Option expiries for today’s 10:00 ET NY cut

EURUSD:1.1650 (EUR 1.15 млрд) 1.1700 (1.1 млрд) 1.1780 (510 млн) 1.1800 (855 млн)

USDJPY:109.00 (USD 435 млн) 110.00 (390 млн) 110.10 (400 млн) 110.20 (410 млн)

GBPUSD: 1.2800 (GBP 410 млн) 1.2950 (800 млн)

USDCAD: 1.2580 (USD 580 млн)


Technical analysis of NZD/USD for August 18, 2017

NZD/USD is expected to trade with bullish outlook above 0.7275. The technical picture of the pair is positive as the prices are supported by a bullish trend line. The upward momentum is further reinforced by both ascending 20-period and 50-period movin... [...]